Ancient History of Iraq


Iraqi civilisation drawn from the essence of Mesapotamia where wisdom and knowledge originated.

Ancient Iraq (Mesopotamia)–Cradle of Civilisation

A presentation delivered by Professor Daniel Potts (University of Sydney) in 2009 at the Iraqi Cultural Day organised by the Australian Iraqi Forum. (presentation)

Modern History of Iraq

Iraq has developed into a culturally and religiously integrated society in the past century.

Multicutural Iraq (presentation)

Iraqi Culture

Iraq is a mosaic of cultures, arts and music.  Press on the link below for a preview on some of the colourful Iraqi dance and music…  (Iraqi arts culture)

 Artist Ibrahim Al-Abdali للفنان ابراهيم العبدلي

Artist Ibrahim Al-Abdali للفنان ابراهيم العبدلي

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